At ZPS we made an effort to create a different and awesome game mode which became Hell Week for which I created the server architecture. In the video above the “Professor” examines, explains and demonstrates the Hell Week game mode :-)

So this was not my favorite thing to work on, to be totally honest, but I soldiered on and now it’s done and working just fine, thank spaghetti monster! :-)
For the game mode Hell Week it was necessary to have a cluster of multiple servers that players could travel between, with one central server managing the cluster and the state of the game. It fell upon me to spearhead this new direction and during this work I dug a little deeper with uLink then I normally have while implementing more casual networked gameplay elements, and it got me even more intimate with uLink and networking in general.

The basic outline of the system requirements was to:
– Connect cluster nodes (game server instances) to a “cluster master”
– Connect cluster nodes with each other
– Connect players to the cluster, either by connecting to the master or directly to a cluster node
– Manage game state and player data and syncing data where necessary.
– Transfer players from one cluster node to another as well as a means of transferring data along with the player