In connection with taking steps towards getting co-op missions into Interstellar Marines I created an AI to be used for enemies in the game. Through this work I familiarized myself with Unity3D’s navigation system.

Update video 14, presented above, nicely demonstrates the AI I created,


and this let’s play, “Scares In The Dark”, features a couple of IM community members playing against my AI.
From my university time I have a very strong theoretical background within “artificial intelligence”, specifically machine learning techniques such as artificial neural networks, temporal difference learning or XCS, I know local and global search and optimization techniques, constraint satisfaction problems, planning and much more! Absolutely none of which was used for the AI that drives the bots in Interstellar Marines… :-)

Unity3D’s builtin navigation is used to pathfind to wherever the bots need to go. In addition to that, the AI has a set of “hand coded” behaviors for which it keeps a score up to date, and every once in a while the AI evaluates what behavior is the most beneficial for it, be it to wander, patrol, investigate sounds such as footsteps and gunshots, pursue an enemy, engage an enemy or escape (in case the bot needs to reload or the enemy is otherwise out of reach).