In this project we made an effort to add to the input scheme generally used with first person shooters by using a head mounted display together with head tracking.

The input scheme that was opted for allows players to peek over boxes, lean to see what’s around the corner or look over the railing of a staircase or platform by performing gestures reminiscent of the real world.

The project is the result of a group effort, in which I was mainly responsible for the programming. The project is based on TrackIR, Ogre3D and PhysX and offered experience with alternative input schemes, integrating PhysX with Ogre3D and general game programming.

In the beginning we didn’t really know what to expect from our crazy input scheme… would it even work? Feel responsive? Feel natural? In the end it turned out surprisingly well. The hardware was responsive enough for our use, and our experience is that after a short while using our input scheme came quite natural, added a new dimension to the gameplay and was a very enjoyable experience!